Overlays and Watermarks


I can do overlays in about 10(per overlay).
Please Take Advantage Of This
This is the same with watermarks
Overlay Request:
*You can Pm me your request.
*Please be patient with me!
*Please Screenshot What You Want If You Want It To Be Quicker
*Pm for redo
*Credit my forum username- @leslie1230
Only open a day for 30minutes.
Request completed: @Hannah_minna
Thank you,
Leslie G.




I need a computer overlay where the episode loge is on the back


I also need a shower cabin overlay


Can you send me the picture? I’ll try to work on it a soon as I wake up


Didn’t you already request and receive your overlays?


Yes but i need some different once to different scenes


It’s okay I just need a picture


A picture of what?


I pm you the overlays




If you would like a overlay or one of the above please message(I’ll removed watermarks if you ask for permission to use the ones above.)