Overlays and zooms are being weird (I need help urgently)

I don’t know if this even gonna make sense, but I’ll try anyway.

So I’m trying to direct a scene, and I’ve got overlays.

I’ve directed the overlays to stay in a certain place, right?
But the problem is, the overlays move along with the zoom for some weird reason?? Instead of staying where I directed them to be??

This is where I directed them to be:

and here’s what happens when I zoom in:

it moves with the zoom even when I didn’t direct it to???

Layering also doesn’t work at times and even though I direct layers properly, it refuses to work the way I directed it to.

Help please. I can’t write anything when it does this. :((( and is anyone else having this problem?

It looks like it’s acting as a ui :thinking:
Can you send that portion of your script?

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So I just reloaded the page like 10 times and now it’s back to normal lol. Weird :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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