Overlays are doing my head in!

Ok so I am having trouble with my overlays, I have one overlay that is exactly where I want it…
@overlay BRIANNAS FP create
@overlay 6088026729218048_BRIANNAS FP shifts to -67 251 in 2
@overlay 6088026729218048_BRIANNAS FP scales to 1.000 1.000
@overlay BRIANNAS FP opacity 1
@overlay BRIANNAS FP moves to layer 1
and the rest not doing as they are told…one for example, as you can see the same coding yet, this one goes in the center of the screen and the first one is left corner of screen which I want it to be
@overlay COURTNEYS FP create
@overlay COURTNEYS FP shifts to -67 251 in 2
@overlay 6088026729218048_COURTNEYS FP scales to 1.000 1.000
@overlay COURTNEYS FP opacity 1 in 2
@overlay COURTNEYS FP moves to layer 1

This one correct This one wrong
PNG IMG_0797


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Hey, try.
Creating it(or adding it too the background)
Then scaling it, then opacity.

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Maybe, try that. Honestly if that doesnt work. Maybe @JemU776 can help.

I changed the coordinates, adding it to the background, so they were off screen that way they can shift to the left side of screen like in the first pic. However what is happening in the second pic keeps happening.

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Hmmmm. Try copy and pasting the coding from Bri’s Fingerprint thing to Courtneys. And aee if that works.

I think I figured out what was wrong, the overlays themselves are all different sizes or something strange about them, means they aren’t going to be the same coordinates.

Thanks for offering to help me though.

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