Overlays are Oversized! [SOLVED]


I think this problem is recent, I don’t think it wasn’t happening yesterday. I downloaded new overlays because I wanted to make a scene where my character would turn the tv off, so the screen would be the INT. BLACK - NIGHT background, plus an overlay of a flash of light. I downloaded two different overlays, because they just weren’t showing up in my preview, nor on my phone. I adjusted the zoom to 0%, and saw the HUGE overlay. I’m not sure why that happened, I don’t know if I did something wrong, but that only happened in that specific background: INT. BLACK - NIGHT. I tried other episode overlays in it, and the same happened, so the problem is with the background. You can see in the picture, that the first time I used the background, the overlay was with the size 0.013, that’s the size the overlay should have as 1.000 (default). In the second time, the overlay CAR SIDE PURPLE should be in its normal size, but it’s not.

Is anyone else having this problem? Or does anyone know how to fix it?
Thanks in advance!


That background is weird with overlays. You’ll have to make your own black background and upload it if you want the overlays to cooperate.


Really? I guess I had never tried to use overlays in that background, so I didn’t know about that lol thanks for letting me know though, you just saved my life :joy::woman_facepalming:


Hello @annab! This is Sydney the Moderator. I’ve moved this topic from Report a Bug Writer’s Portal to Creator’s Corner Directing Helps and Tips since it involves scripting. Thanks for reading and have a good day :sunglasses: