Overlays are so confusing!

I’m making an intro scene with all the “mature themes…” and stuff, and I made overlays because I want to be able to fade them in and out. I’m creating each overlay and fading each into the scene. I have a problem with one of the overlays though. When I set its opacity, the specify warning pops up. Does anyone know why this is happening?!

This is the line that isn’t working. :((
Also, when I delete this single line everything is fine. I don’t get it!!

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It could be you misspelled it possibly? It looks correct, I can’t see the problem either or that it isn’t approved yet so maybe

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It’s not misspelled because I click on the overlay to add it into the scene, and no it’s not approved yet, but that’s not the error that pops up… but thank you though :frowning:

if it’s not approved then there will be an error until it’s approved even if the directing command is correct

Can u copy and paste yr full script to chat.

I don’t think you can have a directing command that says “@overlay MATURE THEMES AND STRONG LANGUAGE create”

Overlay names cannot have “AND” in them because the script thinks you’re trying to use the AND command. You will need to reupload the overlay with a different name without using “and”


she always knows what to do that’s why everyone loves her:)


Ohhhhh. Thank you Dara again!!! :’)

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