Overlays aren't shifting or scaling to the right position

I’m using the “with” command to create my overlays and whenever I preview it, the overlays show up off screen and and are scaled really huge and not in the right place whatsoever. When I use the regular “create” command the overlays show up in the right place but the scene looks choppy.

I’m 99% sure I’m typing in the coordinates for the overlays correctly but they don’t seem to be ending up in the place or size that I want.

Here’s my code:

INT. DESKTOP with APARTMENT LIVE to 78 260 0.388 with COVER to 114 259 0.226

The overlays are supposed to show up small and fit on the screen, but they show up in the next zone with a HUGE scale size that you’d need to zoom out to see.

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write the zone you want it to be in, for example with APARTMENT in zone 2…

The background has only 1 zone, so it should automatically put itself in that zone, and also it’s not scaling correctly either so I don’t think it would fix that issue.

should be like:

INT. DESKTOP with APARTMENT LIVE to 0.388 78 260 with COVER to 0.226 114 259

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Hi as Tom writes when you write the 3 numbers the first after “to” must be the scale and the second two are the shift coordinates.

Therefore it was so big because instead of being scaled to x 0.388 you scaled x 78.

oh ok thank you!

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