Overlays aren't working


Okay this is seriously annoying the hell out of me, I am trying to better my skills with overlays, yet I can’t as no bloody overlays are showing up on any of the previews, even if I am previewing it on my laptop on phone, could anyone please help me, before I submit a ticket just in case anyone has got answers?


Have you tried clicking the update episode button?

Sometimes they don’t show up until you do.


Believe me I have :confused: nothing seems to be working


Strange :confused: have you changed the size, zone and layer?


Yup tried everything :confused:


Have you completely reset the story? If that doesn’t work then I think the only option is to submit a ticket.


Yeah I’ve tried resetting the story, but again nothing, yay how fun I am going to be submitting another ticket – again :roll_eyes:


It’s just one of those things unfortunately, sorry I couldn’t help find a solution :woman_shrugging:


It’s fine, thanks anyway :smile:


Have you tried zooming out the screen to check the entire scene. Sometimes overlays hide in other zones. Sometimes, even outside of the entire scene


I’ll try it again, thanks :slight_smile:


Let me know how it goes


It worked out for me! TYSM!