Overlays & Backgrounds (From Fantastical: Ticket to Paradise)



Hey everyone! My name is Love & I just recently published my first story on Episode called Fantastical: Ticket to Paradise. I made a bunch of overlays and a few backgrounds for my story and I would love to share them with you! :blush: I’m not sure if you are able to download them here but I’ll post them anyway, you guys can also recommend me where to upload them.

Important: Please make sure to give me credit if you use any of these, whether that’s tagging me on My Instagram or mentioning me on your story :heart:



Heaven Main Room

Heaven Office


Class Door



White Desk

White Office Chair

Photographs Brown Desk


Bathroom Mirror Reflexion

Leaderboard (for the narrator speech bubble)

Photographs White Desk

White Podium

Laptop On

Laptop Off

Taped Note