Overlays Come Here


I post so much cause I got no life :sob:

Anyone need overlays I can help! Lol


How do you do overlays because I don’t have a clue😭
Plus I will might need one for my new story sooner or later😄


@Teahwalker could you please help me with a few things…

Overly details

Powder overlays
Chemistry overlays
Dove overlays (each in different positions)
Magic overlays
Sword overlays
Axe overlays
Blood overlays
Harp overlays
Ship overlays
Dragon overlays
Empty Canvas
Painting supplies
Empty loom
Half full loom
Full moon
Single rose petals




Ill do the top 10 you do the bottom


What if I don’t wanna be on the bottom :face_with_hand_over_mouth: haha oh god that was a stupid joke :joy: Sure I’ll get started now




Same :sob:



What do you mean loom?


Like weaving looks but the big ones with stands


Sorry it took forever and I couldn’t find the looms you want, there was wooden ones and machines ones I didn’t know which one you wanted
Here are most of the overlays



Wooden ones please :smile:


It’s hard to do it by hand :weary: but I got it
As long as the background isn’t black…it won’t look back


Hi can I requests some overlays plz


Yes you can :grin:


Thank you but its alot


Thats fine just list what you need :grinning:


Thank you and ok i will now
Do you know the story Coraline because I am making a story based on that


Yes Love it lol