Overlays Come Here

I’ll help ^^

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I found some, It’s hard to find Coraline related things

can you make this into a overlay

Thank you !

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Im very new to creating in Episodes. I am looking for a type of over lay like a pillow or shoe or something. I have seen episodes with characters throwing shoes or pillows at other characters. But Im trying to figure it out. Any help with coding or the obtaining the over lay would be GREATLY appreciated

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I am trying to get some assistance on doing some custom over lay things. I really am very new at creating on episode. I have seen scenes with characters throwing other items like a shoe or pillow at other characters. I am trying to figure it out though.

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Any chance someone could make me a long grass overlay, I can’t seem to find anyone who can.
Please help!

Can I use your sword overlay for my new story?

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Hey do you still make overlays? :thinking:


Are you still open?

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Yes :grin:

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soooooo I need 2 props turned to an overlay the coffee cup thingy for ink and the cupcake, hope that’s not to much lol

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Slr, can you make me a text overlay? :slightly_smiling_face:
Here are the details.
Letter Overlay:

Letter Overlay no 1:

Words: Episode 1 of The Hidden Secret, Episode 2 of The Hidden Secret, Episode 3 of The Hidden Secret these overlays are separated :smile:
Cursive font or no: yes it is cursive kinda like this one

Color of the font: black with a hint of gray

letter overlay no.2

Letter Overlay:
Words: Fingerprint is needed to get inside Fingerprint scanning is completed. they are separated
Cursive font or no?: No and the font is like this too

Font Color: Fingerprint is needed to get inside (Red) Fingerprint scanning complete (green)

Letter overlay text 3

Warning: This story contains mature themes and strong languages viewer discretion is advised.

Sounds is important in this story.

If you’re sensitive in to this kind of stories, I suggest you to leave.
(these are separated)

font color: The warning text is light red (not pink) and the rest are white
this is the type of fonts Uploading: image.png…

I’m sorry if it’s too much :sweat_smile:
Please if you’re not gonna do it contact me immediately :slightly_smiling_face:

In case the letter overlay no.3’s image didn’t upload this is the font style

Font style for letter overlay no.3

I need a few overlays! If you have the time, then thank you!

Overlays needed:

Chains (so a character can connect to them)
Front of a cage (So I can place the character in a background cage then put the overlay on top)
A cut (just one, I need it really detailed)
A rope to wrap around a character like they are tied to a chair
A chair
Spider Web
A tan man arm (i need to use it to hold a girl)

Hi! Can I request two seperate overlays?

1st overlay: A diary thats closed (preferably pink.)

2nd overlay: A pencil

Hi! Can I ask you to make an overlay from the bottom layer of this picture? So that it seems that the characters are in the bathtub. (If you have time, and I’ll credit you in my story of course!)