Overlays don't like me?


I have
INT. BLACK - DAY with WRINKLED PAPER to 1.847 76 289 in zone 1
but it’s not showing up :cry:

Hey I figured it out so I’m leaving this up incase someone comes into the same problem I did.
Overlays don’t work with that background. I used another background and suddenly it was there. Don’t know if this is bug or not.


For some reason you can’t use overlay’s with this background.


ps. lol, didn’t see that last part until after I posted. :blush:


No Overlays do work with this background, Just the yesterday I did the selfie hand with this background and it worked nicely. The thing is you need to find the overlay in the background and trust me the overlay will be GIGANTIC! You’re gonna need to find it using the overlay helper then slowly and patiently scale it down to size and it will work.


@EpisodeAfra is right. The overlays come out oversized for some reason. You have to lower your scale to like 0.009 or something.


I know a lot of people choose this background/overlay combo in order to have a black screen on the phone.
But I got an overlay shop that customized these overlays for you. Link is on my bio if you’re interested.


I see. I had no idea. I heard they didn’t work, so I’ve never tested myself, instead I uploaded my own. Could have saved me the trouble I guess :pensive:
Thank you for the headsup.






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