Overlays don't shift


Hi, I’m having issues with my script, so I kind of wanted to make an intro for my story and the overlays won’t shift.


EXT. COVER - NIGHT with OVERLAYSTORY12 to 0.819 -4 493 with OVERLAYSTORY22 to 0.831 324 362
@MC2 becomes MC
@MC spot 1.280 255 -46 AND MC2 spot 1.280 71 -46 AND MC2 starts idle_sad AND MC faces right

@overlay OVERLAYSTORY12 shifts to -4 376 using easebounceout
@overlay OVERLAYSTORY22 shifts to -10 356 using easein

For any reason they won’t shift and just appear on the screen. I tried putting @pause for a beat’s between the 2 overlays and nothing :frowning:


try to add zone number to shift command :slight_smile:


Looks like I didn’t put the time :joy: Thank you for you help though, I appreciate it :smiley: