Overlays for limelight etc

does anyone have a snow, blanket, and arm with the rose tattoo and tribal tattoo for Limelight available. I will give full credit… just need some help with overlays.
Thanks in advance.

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I’ll try making the arm overlay. Which skin tone do you want the arm to have? bgjrwgewejb

my characters in my story are customizable, but my character according my specifications that I need the arm with rose tattoo is gold 03
and the arm with tribal is neutral 03…
thanks so much for the blanket… any particular way you’d like the credit to read?

No way in particular just however you want.

Since the arms are different are they both female or are they both male or are they female and male?

both are male :slightly_smiling_face: Ok I will do it according to your handle … Thank you so much.

Here is the tribal tattoo one. I’ma go make the rose tattoo now.

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can you also make it bent, like it’s holding someone? this is great… Thank you so much!


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Like a hug position?

yes please

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Sorry that’s a bit wonky


thank you so much Maya!

No problem! Have a nice day!