Overlays Further Back

Hi there! I’m trying put a bath tub overlay over the original bath tub built in to the background and the bath tub in the background is like ‘back far left’ and I don’t know how to fit the overlay over it as I also don’t know which spot placements I need to put in. If someone could help me it would mean alot!

You’d have to carefully maneuver the bath overlay so that it perfectly fits on the tub background. I’ve done this a few times before so I know what you mean. You’d have to find the specific spot placements for the overlay. Do you know how to place an overlay in your own spot placements?

Kind of, I usually am fine with it but with this overlay I’m finding it really difficult

Also what do you mean by “own spot placements”?

In the writer perotal, when reviewing your story, you can drag and place your overlay in any spot you want. In the end you’ll definitely be able to place your overlay to cover the bath. Sorry, not spot. It’ll be shifts or scales.

Something similar to this:

@overlay TREE shifts to -206 233 in #

I specifically chose that placement to fit my story (although I made it up rn)

Visit the writing guide on the portal, they have everything you need to know about overlays :slight_smile:

I’m so bad at this lmao

Ah yes I know how to do that but I’ve been spending hours trying to figure out where my overlay needs to be and it’s just not working at all and you’re doing great lol