Overlays help meee :D

Hey! I need a tear going down my character’s face white she’s laying down. Can someone help? Here is the information. The style I’m using is INK. The face shape is soft heart (or something like that) here is the image: 8daa62ca15d9dac88888c79ea96d744026e43053_1_291x500 and here is my script a few lines back - where I need the tear drop.

@cut to zone 3

@BELLA stands screen center

@BELLA is rear AND BELLA faces left

@BELLA walks to spot 0.722 158 287 in 3 AND BELLA is walk_rear

@BELLA is tinker_loop_rear

@BELLA spot 0.722 48 416 AND BELLA is lay_awake_loop

@zoom on 957 279 to 299% in 4
<---------------------want it here


And to move the tear it write underneath that
@overlay TEAR shifts to x2 y2 in zone 1 in (# of seconds)