Overlays help please☀️

Hello! I was trying to code the first scene when the MC is woken up by his friend. I coded the “eyelids opening” part, but I can’t understand why they aren’t coordinated even tho I used the &. I’m pretty new to coding and directing so it may be a silly mistake :see_no_evil:.

Here’s the script.

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The &'s need to be before the @ to make them all happen at the same time.

&overlay EYELID2 shifts
&overlay EYELID2 scales
&overlay EYELID1 shifts
@overlay EYELID1 scales


Ooh thank you! I knew it was a silly mistake :see_no_evil:

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@Sydney_H could you please close this topic? I found the solution.

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Closed: @lazy_donut I went ahead and closed it for ya :smile: Marked as solved & thanks to @Dara.Amarie for the assist! :v: