Overlays? HELP!

Hello. I am recently writing a story with a little roasting. I have the roasting glasses, but I don’t know how to make them just to pop up. For example, Alex Light new story, ‘Fall for Me’ when Madison said something about lincoln, she got the overlay, (glasses and fire) to pop out of nowhere. Can someone please tell me how to do that. Thanks!

  1. Include the overlay in the scene written next to the background, for example:
    INT. BACKGROUND with OVERLAY to % x y in zone # at layer #)

  2. Once you’ve set your overlay to a fixed position, scale and layer, include this line below the upper line:
    &overlay OVERLAY opacity 0% (this will make the overlay invisible)

  3. At the point you want your overlay to suddenly pop up, write this line down:
    @overlay OVERLAY opacity 100% in 0

  4. To finally remove the overlay, set its opacity to 0% once again or use this line:
    @overlay OVERLAY clear

I hope this helped! :blush:


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