Overlays i can make them


I am still not a great artist with paint shop pro but i can do some things dough. Yesterday I had real problems with multiple overlays. I asked and after 2 hours it was not solved yet. So I made the original overlay like the overlay I would like. And it worked.
So here are my results:

This was the original overlay:

I wanted a second overlay with it champagne, but I could not put it on the right direction so i made this.

And there were in a pizza restaurant so I wanted pizza’s so I made these:

And then I thought what if I want to use it afterward but not in a pizza restaurant but I steakhouse.
so I made this:

And here are the foods separately, normal in the same size as the plates on tables:

you can download them at
https://linktr.ee/zoekezoef_episode and please give credit.

And if you want something ask me and I will try to make it.