Overlays + Layering = confusion


Hey so I was coding for my story and there’s a shopping scene.
So I want the cashier to be behind the counter overlay and my 2 girls infront of the overlay.
But for some reason, all three of them always pop up behind the overlay.
I’ve tried the layer 1, layer -1 thingy but argh it doesn’t work.
Can you help me?
I really don’t get this layering with overlay stuff :sob: :sweat_smile:


perhaps set the 2 girls at a very high number overlay. e.g. layer 42.


thank you
Will try :grinning:


it didnt work lmao :sweat_smile::joy:


Have you changed the overlay layer? Because by default, overlays appear in front of characters unless you change it


oh lmao i didnt realize we could do that :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::joy::joy:
How do i do that


@overlay OVERLAYNAME moves to layer #


thank you so much


You’re welcome :smile:


ahahahahaha yess it worked thank you so much FINALLYYYY


You can also do direct helper spot helper and move them to where you want and at the bottom it has the number ect copy and add it next line under yur character. thats another way to do so


Try spotting instead of ‘CHARACTER stands screen center’ or ‘CHAR walks to screen center’. These default commands messes the layer.


LOL sorry that my ““advice”” didn’t work.


nah its finneee buddy lool