Overlays, Main Menus and more! {OPEN}

Hi everyone!
I noticed some threads about people asking for help with overlays, so I decided to open this thread! I’ve been working on my own story as well, and I know how hard it is to get overlays etc. So I decided to open this thread! I specialise more in main menu creating (example attached below):


  1. Follow my Instagram @vaeliax and attach a screenshot either in this form or by @-ing me in the thread LOL (But note that @vaeliax is NOT my Episode account, though you can still DM me there (or thru the forum) if you have any questions etc about this)
  2. Please state your request clearly! (And your colour scheme etc)
  3. Give credits if you use the overlay/main menu etc etc. @vaeliax!!
    also: I know I said I do mainly overlays and main menus, but you can request simple backgrounds too. E.g. the background I attached in my thread, but without the overlays! If you’re not sure you can DM me or just fill in this form, I’ll reply you.

Lastly, fill in this form (it’s really quick don’t worry HAHA)

I’ll try and get back to u asap, depending on your requests!


Hi, to those who requested, can you please also drop your account name so I can get back to you haha thanks!