Overlays - making


How to make my own overlays?
Or where I can find overlays I can use in my story?

There are two ways to use overlays in your story, uploading them yourself or using the overlays already provided by Episode. This is how you upload your own overlays,
Find the image that you want to use as an overlay, then go onto the Episode Writers Portal.
Once you are there, press the ‘Art Catalog’ button, which will take you to the Backgrounds, Overlays, Clothing and Animations. It will look like this:

If you press the ‘Overlay’ button, and then the ‘Overlays: Available for ALL stories’ which will show a drop down box, and select ‘Uploaded to YOUR account’ and press ‘Select Image’ and upload your overlay. You can also see what your overlay looks like before you upload it.
However, if you want to use the overlays provided by Episode, you don’t need to press the ‘Uploaded to YOUR account’ button as they are already there, as shown in the image above
Hope this was helpful!:slightly_smiling_face:

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Here is a tutorial I made awhile ago about how to create your own overlays using two programs available on mobile devices, iBis Paint X and Procreate! I hope this helps a bit :heart:


This is so helpful! Tyyyy xx