Overlays Moving on to Screen

I am trying to get my title of my story to move on to the screen but I don’t know what I am doing wrong. Can someone help me?

What does it look like? Is it just not moving?

Can you post your script?

But anyway, you need to shift it in n seconds

@overlay OLNAME shifts to … in n

It is moving off-screen when I need it to move on screen


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Because it is shifted to the same spot you put it at the beginning

Also, it should be “scales”

What do you mean?

You spotted the overlay next to the background name, and then you shifted it to the same spot. That’s why it doesn’t move

But I put zone 1 when I put it next to the title then when I wanted to move it I put zone 2. I am so confused.

Right, I didn’t see that :woman_facepalming:
Have you correct the word “scale”? Maybe that’s why it didn’t work

Where do I put “scale” again?

You wrote scale, but it should be scales on line 107

It is still moving off screen

I got it thank you for the help!!!

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