Overlays, need help

Where do you find all those overlays? Like blankets, cup of tea… and all… Do you
download them? And how do we place an overlay? And the most important ; what if I want to put more than an overlay?

Thank you in advance for your answers :smile:

P.S.: Just for fun, is anyone of you guys who speak French?:fr:


Usually people just get images from the internet and remove the background and download it and more about overlays you can learn from this thread

I get overlays from creators on instagram and sometimes i make my own to fit the theme of my story :revolving_hearts:
And yes i speak French, Spanish and i understand Latin :world_map:


You search for png images at te internet than upload them at the overlay page you need to wait a few days but than you can use them :slight_smile: I hope i helped

You get people to make them for you! I can if you want!

Here’s the link to my art thread!

Just request what overlay you want and I’ll make it for you in under 10 mins :two_hearts::two_hearts:

You can find backgrounds from Episode users on instagram, find free ones online, etc.
You can also request backgrounds to be made/edited.
And on this thread, I provide a list of links from episode users (of free overlays to use) that you can check out:

Remember to give credit and good luck!

P.S I’m learning French XD

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Also I speak a little bit of French (Aussi, je parle une petite français) :wink::kissing_heart:

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Overlay Finding:
Well, I usually find overlays for my story by using a website called kisspng. You can check it out if you’d like! Here is the link! You can also find overlays from plenty of different people on instagram and the forums. There is always the internet as well! Just look up an image and remove the background with a background removing site!

How to place an overlay:
It’s kind of like putting weather effects in a scene. I’ll show an example

Here is an example from a real episode script:

More than one overlay:
It’s quite simple really. To have more than one overlay, you just have to put with OVERLAYNAME next to the overlay you already placed. Like this:


You can type that command in as many times as needed I believe.

Do I Speak French?
Oui, pourquoi en effet je fais :wink:

I hope this helped you out in some way! If you need need more help, there are lots of different threads on this platform that might help you out!