Overlays needed ASAP!?!?!


I need a overlay of the motorcycle and characters

  • one with the girl in all black
  • one with the girl in black and girl in polka dot dress
  • one with the girl in all black and the guy

Hi! I’m not sure if you still need them, but you can check out this website

Remove background : Pixlr.com free online remove bg magic one click removal

to remove backgrounds or you can use this


to edit overlays a bit more. I hope it helps :heavy_heart_exclamation:

No I waNt somebody to do the overlay edit for the characters on the bike

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You’ll want to request this from an open art shop then :slightly_smiling_face:
A New Complete List Of Everything! PARTIALLY OPEN (:


Hey, if you still need overlays, check out my artshop:


??? I’m confused

i just felt like making them overlays

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Oh! I’m sorry, it’s because it sounds like you wanted overlays to be made separately with the pictures you sent above (so the backgrounds removed for the photos you sent) since you didn’t specify the bike part :sweat_smile: You should definitely request at an overlay shop like the message suggested above. Since the characters aren’t in the correct pose to be sitting on the bike, you would need to provide the character details so the maker can make the characters and get them in the correct pose :llama: I hope that helped!

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