Overlays Needed, Credit Given

Hi, so I need some overlays asap! Down below are the overlays I need, and the details. If you could help, I would appreciate it. And if you do help, please tell me how I can give credit.

Tappable Menu

For this, I would like them to be separated.

  1. Begin
  2. Recap
  3. Customize
Text Overlays

I need a couple of text overlays.

  1. Beautiful Creatures
  2. Previously

For these I just need two. These are the two point you can get in my story.

  1. Silver Butterflies
  2. Black Butterflies

Thank you! :blob_hearts:

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Hi, I have time right now so I can quickly help you. Do you have a specific theme for all of these and color scheme?

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Yes! For the theme, It’s fantasy/Magical. As for the color, silver/grey/white.

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Font (bold/italic/none)??

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I don’t know what that is :joy:

The font is on Dafont :joy:

Okay, do you like this?

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I do!

Okay great!

  1. For the Text overlays, would you like ‘Beautiful Creatures’ formatted like this (Beautiful Creatures) or like this


  1. For the Tappable menu, do you want the text in a square-like box, and a background? Or just one of these?

For the text overlays like (Beautiful Creatures). And for the tappable menu like boxes, please

Got it. What color are the boxes?

A dark grey

I honestly don’t know how DaFont works so if you could describe the font you want. I have a sitethat has hundreds of them so I may find something similar.

Sure! I’m really bad at describing stuff, so here’s what the font looks like. You could find one similar to that.

Yeah, I think I found one. Last question, sorry: This font is for both text and tappable menu texts, correct?


Okay, give a few minutes!

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Ok thank you

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Do you like this?