Overlays Needed: First Aid kit etc

Hai so I’ve created scenes for my first episode and I need a few overlays pwease :blush: I’ll give you all the credit! I just need this exact overlays so I could keep writing :smile:

Overlays Needed:

  1. A closed first aid kit
  2. A open first aid kit with the supplies in it
  3. A white towel thats looks like its hanging on a hook

I think thats it, but if anyone can get these overlays OMG ID LOVE YOU FOR EVER!!! :sob: :heart:

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Plz anyone? :pleading_face:

Maybe try on pixaby.com?

I already tried nothing I’m looking for was on there :sob:

Sorry then :disappointed: maybe try at an art shop here on forums!?

Awww its okay :sweat:

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I found this one.




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Yas the second one and also can it cant have the names on it or else it wont get approved. Maybe the same colors as the second one but open :thinking: