[overlays needed] int. penthouse beach bedroom

Can someone make overlays of the blankets and sliding door from these? Thank you.

I can do the beds but we have the overlays for the doors on the art catalog

Thank you for reminding me of the doors. When can you do the overlays for the blankets?

I can do them right now, but I might have to include the little bench by the bed if you don’t mind so it doesn’t look weird?
Here’s the overlays if you need the whole bed at some point

Yes, it would be fine to include the little benches.

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Great I’ll be back in a few minutes with both overlays

Would it be alright if I ask for overlays of the ottoman chairs by the wardrobe from these?

The one with the fur on top or the chair between the windows?

Here are the overlays btw

The one with the fur on top.

Thank you so much for doing it promptly.

Your welcome. Here’s the other overlays

Thank you again. If ever I need help with other overlays, would it be alright to message you eventually?

Yes I’m happy to help any time, I always check forums about 4 times a day

I will be counting on it. In return, if you need any assistance with making a story (be it coding, edit and proofreading, writing, beta reading, as well as photo and video editing), my commissions are open. It is explained in my profile.

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Thank you I may take you up on it one day :relaxed:

Can you make overlays of the two seats in here?

And overlays for the computer table with the chairs, as well as the chairs, back of the chairs with the arm rests?

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So, the chairs and the computers?
For the second background, do you want them separate?

For the one facing Earth, only the chairs.

For the space shuttle, the computers and chairs.

Could you also make overlays of the blankets from these?

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Okay sounds good, just wanted to make sure what you wanted. And yes, give me a couple minutes to cut them out and get back to you