Overlays needed *Please*


Hi I need someone who can make overlays for me
Much appreciated


You can go here with your request?


hello! may i know what overlays do you need? :yellow_heart:


hi yeah sure there is a lot tho


[Uploading: light orb1.jpg
Here is one example




here’s an overlay that’s quite similar to the picture that you sent :

do you need anything else?

also, credit : @Sophbee on forums/episode :yellow_heart:


yeah I have a lot of overlays needed but I don’t need them asap
I don’t want to give you to much so ill upload the overlays I need for my current stories
thanks again


Also with the sleeve tattoos can I please have them on female and male arms skin tone taupe
I really appreciate the help


Hi! So did you get your overlays in the end?




Here are some, but I haven’t done it as good as it can be done;


Anyways it’s easy when you’ve got plain background, you can do it on your own and not depend on others good will.
I have been making png overlays for my own story on this app Background Eraser.

It’s super easy. Give it a try:)
You can also google this up, for exemple type in eyelashes png and find the picture you want- as easy as it sounds :heavy_heart_exclamation: :upside_down_face:


thanks i have started making my own overlays and i will look into the app