Overlays needed please!

I need different coloured auras and glowing coloured magic circles pleasee!
I know this is a bit of a weird and difficult request though, I found some on google but they don’t really fit what I need exactly but here are some examples;

Is this ok?

Wow I actually really like this thank you so much!!
If you have any other ones in different solid colours that would be really helpful as well :grin:


It can’t be uploaded as an overlay :tired_face:


Let me see if I can fix it.

Thank you!! :relaxed:

I think this should work

Thankss I’ll try it out!!

No problem!

It didn’t work but don’t worry I don’t plan to publish soon so it’s not urgent or anything.

Did it say that it was over 1 MB?

No it had the white background again.

It worked!! Thank you so much!

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No problem! Have a nice day!