Overlays needed please :)

I’m hoping that this is in the right spot.

Since I’m new… and I never start anything out easy… :joy: I need to see if anyone could share some overlays with me??

I need the counter for the INT. CAFE - DAY and a table, maybe some chairs?

I don’t know how to make my own overlays :confused: (yet… hopefully… :joy: I could totally use help with that tho if someone would be so kind to point me in the right direction) so any assistance I would really appreciate it! (And of course I’ll toss in a shout out to all the peeps that assist me too)


KFI_T42RD-B1922-BK-GRN `

i think this will helpful :grinning:

Oh thank you!!! :relaxed:

ur welcome :slightly_smiling_face: