Overlays needed please

Heyyy, does anyone have a red car hood that’s open and closed. I also need some police files, handprints, bloody handprints, those string type of lights, flashlights, a cave background, cave overlay, chains, dock overlay unless you can make a background with a dock and the overlay orrr If episode has one please let me know. I also like need some oxygen like masks that The Chris Kratt and Martin Kratt use in Wild Kratts- (yes I was looking for things everywhere actually), uhm some glowing diamonds, glowing rocks, electric fish ish (idk they’re name but they’re like electrical snakes or sumthin), a treasure chest, a test tube, test tubes you use in chemistry that are a bit bigger (I need red and blue liquids in two separate ones please so Yeah, bubbles (small and fizzy type, gas that covers the area as in Rainbow Six Seige (I need the can and actual gas), fire spreading, lit up garbage can, garbage can without fire on it (trash cans preferably like that big episode green one?, and I think that’s it.

Secondly :joy: can someone who does overlay poses neatly and clearly pm me because I have some requests.

Tyyyy also do let me know how I may credit you and what I can do for you for helping me.

Bump :skull:


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Idk if these are considered "glowing" but I liked them lol


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Ahh tysm and those actually will do great along with the bloody handprints. Ty again and how would u like to be credited

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I don’t need any credit, don’t worry!

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Ahh tysm again!

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I was able to find or make some of the overlays you wanted, I hope these work!







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