Overlays needed,

So me and my cowriter @Stella12 were planning out our new story and came up with this for a plot twist but…we need some overlays.

The idea:
Blaire is shot and after being in the hospital for a month she is discharged, when she finally gets home, she realizes she left her phone in the car, she goes out to get her phone from the car, then she gets run over by a van and is rushed to the hospital with 6 broken ribs, and a broken arm and is on life support.

So we need overlays for the life support part. Aka the 2nd hospital part.

We also need a bullet(after Blaire) we shot overlay. Aka a bloody bullet as evidence. And some tire tracks.

I guess this is as good as it gets:

bloody bullet overlay:

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Tire marks overlay:

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Thanks! Do you have mask overlays?

Like in an actual mask?

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Like breathing mask. Or anything that can make it look like she is on life support?

Here I tried something

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Sorry if it’s too bad I’ll re-edit it if necessary.

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Thank you! Do you have an cut overlays?

A cut wound?

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