:blob_hearts: OVERLAYS NEEDED :blob_hearts:

:lemon:Hi! Thank you so much for reading this!:lemon:

I’m in search for the following overlays:

  • Hand & Arms (different poses, different skin tones, male & female)
  • Objects (coffee, kitchen knife set, food, etc.) [I want to add more depth to my scenes]
  • Filters (Foggy / transparent / char looks like ghost / lights, etc)
  • Overlays that I can animate (steam / car wheels / snow / etc.)

I’ll edit this post & add more stuff if I can think of anything else.

I’m willing to pay for these as well! Please can someone help me find recourses for these.

I will:

  • Credit the artist in my story
  • Give the artist a shoutout on my social media
  • Recommend the artist to my friends
  • Pay for the art (if I can afford it)

If there isn’t any artist who can assist, can someone maybe just let me know which programs I can use to make an image transparent for free?

Thank you! :blob_hearts:

Here are a few people who I will be crediting (so far):
@KikiMoon @Ryder14 @Marysol.Episode @JESS.episode.x


Try using ibis paint X it’s free!
Otherwise I have an art shop (free) and I’ll be accepting more requests shortly.

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Well, I use Gimp on my computer and as I’m an artist - Procreate on iPad.
I could help you if you need? :green_heart:
I won’t ask for payment and would love to make you something!

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I am be able to help with this if I know the kind of poses you’d like

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Hiya I can help if you want, I work with Ibis paint, I am an artist, who can draw good quality overlays by hand and can edit some to! I don’t mind creating a few if you want to see some examples! (I am also commissioned! So please let me know your price range so I know where about to set the prices :))

Thank you so much! I really appreciate this :smile:

Edit: I found your art shop haha sorry, only saw now that you linked it XD

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Wow thank you so much! That’s so incredible!

Can I PM you? How can we chat? :lemon:

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Thank you so much! Where can we talk? I’d like to tell you more about my story and maybe you can also give me some advice on where to put overlays to make it more detailed & immersive? :smile:

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Hi, thank you so much! Is there a place we can talk? I just don’t want to spam this thread haha. And I’d love to give you more details of my story. Maybe you can give me advice on where to put overlays as well?

Thanks :smile:

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Of course I can !! If you need help I am here! :sunglasses::joy: If you have insta you can text me on there it is @/_justjess_x or you can just pm me on here :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Thanks so much! I’ll be sure to chat to you on insta :lemon:

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I will be veyy inactive today but tomorrow I will be free!

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Of course!
Where would be better for you? Here or Instagram if you have?

Instagram would be best I think if possible :lemon:

My instagram is @maevtstories

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I hope these are helpful, no need to credit me since I found them in free websites :blush:



Car wheels, snow

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Oh my gosh!! Thank you so much!! No ofc I’ll credit you! Thank you!! :lemon:

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Hello, I also can help with custom backgrounds and overlays, filters. I do commissions for those. You can PM as well. I’d be more than happy to help out.

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Thank you so much! I appreciate that :orange:

I’m going to make a list of which overlays I’d like and update my thread.

I think at this moment, I’m still a little lost at what I’d like XD

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You’re welcome :blush: :heart:

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You’re welcome, that sounds fine :blush:

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