Overlays not directing on phone


I am extremely upset!!
So I’ve been writing my story on my computer and the overlays work fine. They go in the direction I send them and work perfectly. Although, when I view my story on my phone in creation mode they do not work. The overlays do not do what they are told. It mostly happens with shifting them to new spots. Ill have them in a certain spot and they’ll shift from their original placement from when I downloaded them.
I’ve emailed and submitted a ticket about a month ago, yet nothing has been done.
Episode PLEASE fix this I can’t publish any chapters until this is fixed and it’s driving me insane!!


When the scene starts, they are all over the place for 2 sec than shift to the good place.
It’s tiring. :roll_eyes:


I have the exact same problem. It’s so demotivating…,


Yes!! It’s SO irritating. I can’t publish anything due to it and episode isn’t doing ANYTHING!


It’s making me lose my motivation :frowning: It needs to be fixed asap


We’re not sure if the provlen is our script or the phone or the portal itself…I can’t publish a story I worked WEEKS on because of that.

Advanced directing is the worst, I’m telling you.
We’re working out a** out, for a story that nobody will read because nobody is prego by the step father gang leader half wolf.


LMAO, I know. Everyone prefers Cliche’s over real stories with REAL plots. I can’t lie I have a love for cliche fantasy stories :joy: but I’d pick a good plot over that anyday.


Mine aren’t where they should be on both my computer and in the app. I keep moving them but the numbers are all correct. They are just hanging out in the wrong area for no reason. I want to publish my chapter tomorrow too.


It’s been always like that. It’s not a glitch.
If you’re creating them in the scene make sure you add in 0(seconds) I highly recommend to add them to the background (even if you’re using them later)place it offscreen with opacity set on 0 and shift and set opacity 1 when you ready to use them.


My overlays never work if I add them with the background.
Maybe that’s the problem.
Have you tried creating them in the scene?


That’s what causing this problem (creating them in the scene)


Can I see the part of the script?


You can message it to me if you prefer.


Oh, I don’t have any problems, I’m just saying this to help people get rid of this. You might not see this all the time but there is that split second in the stories when overlays are creating in the scene (and I can tell straight away that someone add them to the scene not to the background)


Sorry. Definitely misread that.
But overlays with the background. In my opinion always mess up.
But I’ve never had a problem with creating them in scene.
And I’ve never noticed a delay.
I’ll have to go check that out. Lol


It’s ok :grin: what problems are you having when you’re adding overlays to the background?


No, it’s not the directing because I’ve written 3 other stories with the exact directing and it still doesn’t work😫



If this issue can’t be fixed by editing the script, you should probably submit help tickets to the support team so they can work on this issue. :smiley:


She has already submitted a help ticket. I however, haven’t, so I’ll be doing that right now. :+1:


Yes I already have submitted a ticket.