Overlays not showing up in preview

I’ve been trying to figure out overlays, and having issues.

I put them in as instructed (I tried several different tutorials, all said the same thing,) but the overlays themselves don’t show up when I preview my work. They don’t read as an error, and if I use the Overlay Helper tool in the Director’s Tools, it will still select a box where it says the overlay is, but it’s completely invisible.

How can I fix this?

have you typed in @overlay OVERLAY opacity 1?

Yep, still completely invisible. :frowning:

do you maybe have another overlay in front of it? If so, try changing the layers. If not, I don’t know what else to tell you lol.

No, this is my first time trying to use them. I tried before but had the same issue, I’m only now trying to figure out how to fix this.

Thanks anyway for trying :slight_smile:

The only way I can think of is by changing the opacity. Then again, I’m not that good at these stuff so there might be another way to fix the problem that I cannot think of lol. You’re welcome btw x

What does your script look like?

Did everything get solved?

In this scene, it’s only:

@overlay TABLE CHINESE create
@overlay OVERLAY opacity 1

That’s all. I was testing it out before I got too far in the script.


It took some wiggling, but I used this and it worked! Not really sure why it wasn’t working before, I had tried the scale/spot thing earlier, but it might have been a browser issue because I had to switch computers to get it to work. :cold_sweat:

Thank you very much for the assistance!