Overlays not visible in app.?

In 1 chapter of our story we have overlay which simulates small paper falling out of a book. The overlay is approved and all the overlay directing done in writer portal look OK…in preview I see it as it should look like…

but I tested the story in app on 2 diferent devices and in both cases this particular overlay is not visible in the app.… you do not see any paper falling down.

Because in preview of the writers portal it works fine I have no idea what do to… all my other overlay seem work as thay should and I do not see any diference in coding.

As you can see in the printscreen the overlay “TAPE” is clearly visible. And the story has no erors…

I already send a ticket but thay only sugest to do something with my phone…but this problem was on 2 different phones so I assume it is not at all problem of the phone settings…

Have you ever met such problem? any idea what do?

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@Sydney_H or @Jeremy maybe one of you guys know how to solve this?

I have had this problem before, even after I published, some readers could see the overlay, and others plus me couldnt. I filled a ticket and they told me that its a common glitch they know about and I should tell my readers who cant see it to fill a ticket as well :sweat_smile:

:rofl::rofl::rofl: omg…that is so…** censored content **. and thay call this solution?
so it is basicly like a lotery you do hard work with animated overlays and newer know it thay will be visible…cool especially if seeing the overlay is esential for the smooth story flow and understanding of the reader what is going on. :slight_smile:
So I can count myself lucky that reader will get what happend even if he will not see the paper falling …

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yep :joy::joy::joy: the best thing was that numerous people couldnt continue my story (that was a contest entry) because the overlay was tappable and without it they couldnt continue :woman_facepalming:t3:
you can always just put a readerMessage in that scene that paper should be falling here, if you cant see it its a glitch :grin:

OMG!!! I forgot the tappable overlays…that is really bad :frowning: … how you have solved it? have you tried like upload it again or so? did anything helped?
I have one scene where is magical object hunting the girl…that will look really wired if people will see her only running in empty room and talking to the air…

I dont get it …in this background I have I believe 6 overlays this is not the last one to apear…why this one has the glitch and other not? :smiley: :joy::joy::rofl::rofl::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

Unfortunately can’t help you with this as @Sydney_H and I are forum people. Feel free to submit a ticket to the support team.

As I write I alredy did submit the ticket, but the sugested solution didnt helped at all.:smiley: unfortunatelly.

Indeed, if you feel that the answer you were provided with is incorrect you always have the option to respond to the ticket asking the team more questions and to continue troubleshooting (unless you let the ticket close)

Jeremy I did that, now waiting for new answer…but there is nothing wrong on asking here too or is it? :smiley:

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Nope, never said it was wrong :wink: . Just letting you know that the best way to get answers is through the support team, which you are already doing. So you are all set :slight_smile:

well I hope I will get better naswer than Tessx, that it is a common glitch. :sunny: Wish me luck. :nerd_face: