Overlays not working properly for my readers

I’ve made a dressing mini game for my story Find out but the arrows of overlays are not disappearing after the change, for my readers despite being work properly in my devices.
Can anyone plzz read my story and let know if its working properly for u or not.

What story? So I can check it out

Thank u :blush:

Here it is and the link

Alright I’ll get back to you soon

Hi dear, so I guess the problem was from chapter three

This was after I picked the outfit I wanted

And this was after customization

I’m not an expert at writing codes but I think using a remove command might work
@overlay NAME clear

If that doesn’t work then I recommend checking @Dara.Amarie website for dressing templates.

Hope this was helpful

I’ve done everything thing, but it still staying there :sob: and this is mini games is working properly in my laptop, phone and even in my ipad

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That’s bad. Well like I said I’m no expert so I can’t really tell you what more to do but really you should ask Dara she might know how to help

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Ok , thank you

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