Overlays not working

Hey! I was making my story and I added Overlays. My overlays that I have made are being replaced with RED COP LIGHT even though I haven’t put that in the script! When I go onto overlay helper on the Episode app, all the overlays still have the name that they are supposed to be, but looks like RED COP LIGHT and is massive.

Does anyone know how to fix this problem? I’d really appreciate it.

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can I see you’re script? @Invisible_Waffle

Sure @Minoesje


@speechbubble reset

@EMMA spot 0.759 187 250 AND EMMA faces left
@JAXSON spot 0.778 99 251 AND JAXSON faces right

@overlay CHOC_ICECREAM create
@overlay CHOC_ICECREAM opacity 1 in 0

@overlay PURPLE_ICECREAM create
@overlay PURPLE_ICECREAM opacity 1 in 0

@JAXSON moves to layer 0
@overlay 5248192300843008_CHOC_ICECREAM moves to layer 1
@overlay 5248192300843008_CHOC_ICECREAM shifts to 111 289
@overlay 5248192300843008_CHOC_ICECREAM scales to 0.807 0.807
@EMMA moves to layer 2
@overlay 5248192300843008_PURPLE_ICECREAM moves to layer 3
@overlay 5248192300843008_PURPLE_ICECREAM shifts to 107 283
@overlay 5248192300843008_PURPLE_ICECREAM scales to 0.808 0.808

It used to show up like normal on the app but now doesn’t at all, it was replaced with RED COP LIGHT.

Don’t worry @Minoesje I solved it! Thanks for your help.
But would you be able to help me with this?

part of script:
@overlay STRAWBERRY_ICECREAM opacity 1
@overlay 5248192300843008_STRAWBERRY_ICECREAM shifts to 156 296
@overlay 5248192300843008_STRAWBERRY_ICECREAM scales to 0.808 0.808
@overlay STRAWBERRY_ICECREAM moves to layer 5

This overlay isn’t appearing on stage :sleepy: And it keeps coming up with an error on the episode app. Does anyone know how to help? It would be greatly appreciated

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Lmao you forgot to put
@overlay STRAWBERRY_ICECREAM opacity 1 in 0

remove the moves from here:

It should be
@overlay STRAWBERRY_ICECREAM to layer 5

And what zone do you want it to appear in?

Oh right! Thanks @Random.Tomboy and @raindrvps I’ll test it out now! :smile:

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Kk let me know

It worked! Thanks so much! :tada: :tada: