OVERLAYS!? overlays,overlays! HELP

So I am a VERY new coder. I am a very fast learner so I already understand the codes. BUT THE ONE THING THAT I DONT GET IS OVERLAYS! So I want an overlay but don’t understand them AT ALL!

1. I need a sticky note overlay as if the Sticky note is just sitting on a table

2 I Want to have the whole screen showing what’s on the sticky note. Do I make an overlay or make a background to insert (I don’t get backgrounds either)

So I am just wondering the codes for inserting an overlay or background that I make!

Please help! Thank you sooooooo much

Joseph Evans has tutorials on YouTube. You can go and search “overlays episode” and they should show up

Thank you

No problem :grin:

To learn how to upload your own backgrounds/overlays: 🖼 HOW TO: Upload Cover / Background / Overlay

To learn how to use overlays: A Guide to Using & Animating OVERLAYS

For the sticky note overlay, I’d recommend watching Joseph Evans’ videos on overlays to help you out as it will make way more sense than explaining through text.

You would probably have to make your own full sticky note background, unless you want to use the backgrounds on the portal but I’ve only seen phone backgrounds.

I hope this helped :blush:

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Yeah, overlays are the only thing that doesn’t stick in my head :joy:

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Once you understand them, it’s quite easy to use.


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