Overlays Please ? <33


–Sorry to bother…

I was wondering if anyone could make me two overlays like this: (click the arrow)


Sorry for asking… I would make them myself but I don’t know how to remove a background from something or make it transparent and stuff, and I don’t really know what fonts these are… If anyone can make me them please can the first overlay say:

‘‘To Be Continued’’ and the other one to say ‘'Two Springs Ago’’
both in white and the same or similar fonts to the image…

Or if anyone could tell me how to make overlays that would also be super helpful!

Thank you!

This has nothing to do with your request but I noticed your profile picture is an art piece that belongs to Bri and CK art Design for the story Finding sunshine.
Since I’m an artist too I’m quite sensitive if it comes to using images without permission so I’d recommend to change your profile picture if you don’t have the right to. :slight_smile:
Have a nice day

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Yeah I will be changing it I was testing something out because I had a bug which wasn’t letting me change my profile picture. Thank you though, and sorry if this came out as rude, that wasn’t my intention ! .

I hope this is okay. 🫶🏾


thank you so so much !! I will credit you :slight_smile:

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