Overlays pop ups up strangely before going in assigned spot

When I put an overlay in one of my scenes, it pops up weirdly. Like it’ll show the scene with the overlay in an enormous size for around .2 seconds and then the overlay will finally go to the spot where I put it. How do I fix this or is there a way to fix it?

P.s. I did put & instead of @ and all the commands are right after I put in the background like this but it still doesn’t work:

&overlay OVERLAY shifts to 100 250
&overlay OVERLAY scales to 1.000 1.000

What command is behind “&overlay OVERLAY scales to 1.000 1.000”?
It happened to me before but not that long. It was only about 0.2 second.

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Try INT. BACKGROUND - DAY with OVERLAY to 1.000 100 250 in zone X


Yeah, it pops up for .2 seconds. Is there a way that it doesn’t do that at all? Like immidiately goes to it’s place without being all of the screen for even those .2 seconds?

Mine doesn’t do that to me any more. It goes right to its place. But if I test it one a old model cellphone, it’ll still take it 0.2 second to shift to the right place.

You need to put it with the background an specified the spot you want it to be like


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It worked! Thank you sm @Davidcrvz and @goth.gaia for helping me out!

Another thing is, if you’re going to use the shifts and scales command, you need to time them in 0 seconds.

@overlay OVERLAY shifts to x y in zone # in 0
@overlay OVERLAY scales to % % in 0

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Woohoo! :grin:

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I believe that’s just default but I do use that when I actually need to shift something in a certain amount of time. Thank you sm for reminding me about that though! :slight_smile: