Overlays problem

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I have 2 car overlays but only one shows, each time it’s the different one. Can somebody help me?

I think you can’t do them both together so just create them separately:

&overlay OVERLAY1 create
&overlay OVERLAY2 create

thanks I’ll try it

It didn’t work, now none of them appear

Is it possible that they’re on top of each other? You made them both appear at point 0,0, if they’re the same size, the one at the back will be hiding.

nope, back when I still had this problem I thought the same and moved one, nothing was under it. Now, for some reason, I can’t even find the button to control the overlays for some reason. I’m profoundly confused.

After creating both, did you turn the opacities of both overlays to 1?

Yes, I found my problem, it happened to be that I wrote the name of the overlays and the name of the background myself and it literally showed me an error saying that background doesn’t exist when I know it was aprooved, so I deleted it and scrolled down to click on it insted of writing it out, and even thought it was the same thing, the same piece of writing, it worked,

and lo and behold there was 2 overlays. Now I only need to find a way to flip them and moved them alongside the road like a normal car. As I’ve came to realise, rotating overlays is a pain, but using that to flip them is college level stress.

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Ah alright don’t think I’ve encountered that before, glad you got it :ok_woman:t2:


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