Overlays really big and then small

So when I was reading my story in the app I noticed 1 scene when it’s loading it shows my overlays really big and then the next second it shows them normal and in the place like I directed it.
So does someone know what I can do to make it stay in play from second 1?

Can you send a picture of your script, or just type it out? You may have coded something differently than how it’s supposed to be :slight_smile:

@transition fade out black in 2

@overlay TABLE SIMPLE create
@overlay COFFEE 1 create
@overlay PANCAKES create
@overlay ORANGE JUICE create
@overlay BAGEL create
@overlay TABLE SIMPLE opacity 1 in 0
@overlay COFFEE 1 opacity 1 in 0
@overlay PANCAKES opacity 1 in 0
@overlay ORANGE JUICE opacity 1 in 0
@overlay BAGEL opacity 1 in 0

@overlay TABLE SIMPLE shifts to -4 -5 in 0
@overlay TABLE SIMPLE scales to 0.904 0.904 in 0
@overlay 4940053199716352_COFFEE 1 shifts to 9 97 in 0
@overlay 4940053199716352_COFFEE 1 scales to 0.074 0.074 in 0
@overlay 4940053199716352_ORANGE JUICE shifts to 141 110 in 0
@overlay 4940053199716352_ORANGE JUICE scales to 0.170 0.170 in 0
@overlay 4940053199716352_BAGEL shifts to 35 93 in 0
@overlay 4940053199716352_BAGEL scales to 0.350 0.350 in 0
@overlay 4940053199716352_PANCAKES shifts to 13 113 in 0
@overlay 4940053199716352_PANCAKES scales to 0.122 0.122 in 0
@overlay TABLE SIMPLE moves to layer 3
@overlay COFFEE 1 moves to layer 5
@overlay PANCAKES moves to layer 4
@overlay BAGEL moves to layer 6
@overlay ORANGE JUICE moves to layer 7
&CALVIN moves to layer 1
&CORA moves to layer 2
&CORA faces right
@cut to zone 1
@CORA spot 0.983 49 9
@CORA changes hair into Small Bun
@CALVIN spot 0.913 180 49
@CORA changes into OUTFIT 4_Cora
@ARAMERA spot 0.839 265 -279
@CORA starts read_book_open_neutral_loop
@add Text Book Open Navy Blue to CORA

@transition fade in black in 2

Maybe try removing the ”in 0” after you scale the overlays, I think you just need the @overlay OVERLAYNAME scales to (coordinates) :blush:

Try putting & before all the overlay commands. Because you have used the @ even though you have put in 0 there will be a split second pause.

This fixed it! Thank you!

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