Overlays showing up where they're not supposed to be

I have 4 tappable buttons in my title menu, and only one of them is working. I figured out why this is. The 4th overlay is in the correct place, but the other three are in the wrong place. In my script, I have the code written out to be exactly where they are supposed to be. But when I go to the previewer and spot directing and click change overlay, it says that the other 3 are down in the left bottom corner of the screen and it says that they’re all shifted to 0 0 in 100%. This doesn’t make sense because in my code it says where they are supposed to be. The previous chapter has the exact same title menu (I copied and pasted) and it was working perfectly fine until I saved & previewed and then it moved the 3 overlays to the bottom corner. I’m scared that if I go back to the other chapters it’ll mess up those overlays too. I do not know what to do. I am at a loss. Can anyone help me? Why aren’t my overlays showing up where they’re supposed to be? Thanks in advance!

hard to help you without seeing the code - but I bet the problem is somewhere there.

Do you use you own coordinates or have you used someones template?

Is your overlay name at the shift command right?

Do you have any error messages?

There’s nothing wrong with my code. I use my own coordinates and they’re correct. The overlay name at the shift command is correct. I have used this title menu in 6 other chapters and they’ve all worked perfectly fine. And this was just copy and pasted in. However, when I spot direct the overlay, it shows that it’s at 0 0. So I move it back up to where its supposed to be and the coordinates match what I have in the script. So I save and preview and go to click the buttons and it doesn’t work. So I click the spot directing tool and go to my overlay and low and behold its back to being at 0 0. Even though the code in my script is correct.

I realy dont want to touch you in any way but I have heared many people being 100% sure there is no mistake in the code yet when I looked at it I had found one. So showing here the code so others can look at it is always good idea even if you believe there is no mistake.:slightly_smiling_face:

But if you know your code is correct than here you cant find help. You have to contact support via ticket if you are sure it is a bug.


When I get home I will post my script so you can take a look. Thank you by the way

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great tag me once you will post it or send it to me via dm if you want.:wink:

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