Overlays start appearing after the fade in

When using a new background, I usually start with @transition fade in black 5 and after that, I create like 1 or 2 overlays for the background (like a door or something). When I preview my story I notice that the overlays still need time to appear after the fade-in happened. I’ve tried to make the fade-in last longer by using @transition fade in 10 or something but nothing seems to work. Is this normal or am I doing something wrong?

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Can you show your script?

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You need to put the transition after the overlays. When you are putting it before the overlay, the script will perform the transition effect first before making the overlays appear.


&overlay OVERLAYNAME create
&overlay OVERLAYNAME opacity 1

@transition fade in 10



@zoom reset
@cut to zone 3
@transition fade in black 5

@overlay ROOM OPEN DOOR create
@overlay ROOM OPEN DOOR moves to layer 1
@overlay ROOM OPEN DOOR shifts to 125 -24 in zone 2
@overlay ROOM OPEN DOOR scales to 1.221 1.221
@overlay ROOM OPEN DOOR opacity 1
@overlay DOOR create
@overlay DOOR moves to layer 2
@overlay DOOR shifts to 67 31 in zone 3
@overlay DOOR scales to 1.231 1.231
@overlay DOOR opacity 1

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Maybe you should try to do the transition after you put the overlays in the right place

Yeah this sorry didn’t see this earlier

Just tried that but there’s still a little cut right before the fade-in happens that shows the background

INT. PINK BED - DAY with ROOM OPEN DOOR to 1.221 125 -24 in zone 2 at layer 1 with DOOR to 1.231 67 31 in zone 3 at layer 2
&zoom reset
&cut to zone 3
@transition fade in 5


OOOH for some reason I totally forgot that it was possible to add overlays next to the background oops but thank you so much!

Even if you didn’t, you need to remember that @ animations finish before the next one starts.
If you do @cut and then @transition, it will always cut before the transition.

You can do @ overlay create
& overlay scale, shift etc.
@ transition

Should still work.

Alrighty, I’ll remember that, thank you for helping me out!

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