Overlays with writing

Hey, I’m in need of a “note” overlay. Like a small note with writing on it. Can someone help me out?

Hey there! I’ll be happy to help ya out, I can also get that done real fast :smile:

Oh ma god. You’re a lifesaver that’d be amazing, thank you

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Just tell me what color you want the note to be, what you want written on it, gender or the writer, and where I can send you the overlay :’)

Also, if it’s not rude to ask, are you able to give credit? :two_hearts:

Okay. I’d like the note to be white, doesn’t have to be big either. What I want written is “Good morning, Noh. Had to run ‘cause I promised my mom I’d spend the morning with her, but I made you some breakfast before I left. Pop by your office later? (;

  • Kimi :two_hearts:

The writer would be a female and you can send it to me right here. And of course I’d give you credit! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: just need your @ if you’re on insta or anything you’d want me to shoutout

Just one more question, where is this note gonna be hanged? So I can add either a piece of tape, pin, or magnet on the top of the note to give it that “effect” that its hung up somewhere since you say you want it as an overlay. This is also just an idea :’)

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Oh, omg I didn’t even think of that haha. It’d be hung on the face of a computer so a piece of tape would work awesomely

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If there is anything you want me to change, just lemme know <3


Aghh I’m so happy, this is perfect and in such little time? Wowowow​:sob::heart:

This one seemed easier to make then other overlays I’ve done :flushed: And I’m so happy you liked it! Btw, my IG is @ lovesepisode :heart:

Well I’m glad I didn’t cause you any trouble. And alright I gotcha. (: do you do anything else besides overlays?

I have made a few backgrounds and story covers, I’ll be posting all of my work on Instagram and then I’ll make a thread here so people can download my overlays and backgrounds to use for their stories :blush:

Ooo, but that’s cool and really helpful especially for those who need them. Thank you again for helping me out

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