Hello fellow episodians!! :slight_smile:

I really am having trouble understanding how to use the overlays in my story and how to upload them! :frowning: Also, in my story there will be times when the characters will need to use a gun. How can I do this? Please I need help.

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To upload an overlay is the same thing how you upload backgrounds to your account.

To Upload An Overlay

  1. Go to Art Catalog, then go to Overlays, scroll down you will see a label that says something like "Overlay Accout, or something like that.

  2. Click that button then look down you will see something that says "Overlays to your account, or something like that, but it has to say “Your Account”.

  3. Once you click that, look down you will see a buttton that says “Upload or Upload Image”.

  4. Click that, it will bring you to your desktop menu box to get the overlay from there to upload to your overlay account.

  5. Once you click an overlay from your desktop menu, or wherever you saved the overlay from, it will appear in the preview.

  6. When your done with that, you need to label or give a name for your overlay in the box.

  7. Save it, then your overlay will be uploaded to your account.

To put an overlay in your script.

  1. Copy and paste the overlay name from the art catalog overlay section, to your script. with the background name.



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There is a gun prop on the portal, you can use this instead of a gun overlay. The prop will ‘stick’ to the named characters hand until you remove it.
@add Handgun to CHAR
@remove Handgun from CHAR


Thank you so much! You’re a life savior!!! :100::100::100: I tried looking for that information but It only directed on how to use the overlays. :disappointed:

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That’s so much convenient! I thought I would have to make the overlay. :woman_facepalming:t3: Thank you for sharing this with me! :slight_smile:

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I read your post regarding uploading an overlay to my overlay account. I have done everything asked to include assigning a name to my overlay, and it keeps giving me an error message regarding the naming or something.

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can u send a screenshot of what it is saying?

For some reason I’m not allowed to post an image in the reply box.

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Let me try it again…

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