Overrated stories?¿

Or underrated stories? Titles/opinions ¿


Okay this story isn’t underrated as it has 700k + reads, but The Pleasure Room by Miru. I just think it deserves way more reads.

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And also The Takeover by @crisp, it’s underrated and a masterpiece.


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Here’s some underrated stories that are amazing. I personally don’t feel like we need to come down on or label someone’s work ‘overrated.’ But, I digress, these are excellent!

Illegal by Clara B.
Exactly What You Need by Jiangshi
The Song to My Heart by Nicky Valentina
Sapphire Seas by Juliane Rae
Scottsville High’s Most Wanted by Andrea H.



Equilibrium by @Eva_Diva1 is UNDERRATED


Your constant support is so kind, I’m speechless! Xx

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Thanks queen :pleading_face::yellow_heart:

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Am I the only one that read the title as overrated? :thinking::rofl:
I can’t think of any overrated… ones I’ve read and enjoyed absolutely deserve the recognition

Alright do not attack me, but I feel like Loco Amor. Is way to overrated, as well as over-supported. Like I’m pretty sure the author loves the support she gets, but what about how cliché it is? And how problematic the author is? Like I know people are still gonna like the story no matter what, but I just feel like it’s way to overrated, I am not any way trying to harass the author or offend anyone, it’s just my opinion… you can like the story I am not going to judge you for it, but personally I do not like it, nor the authors actions.


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