Overused and Bad Character Names!

In some stories you can’t change the MC’s name. I am fine with this if it makes a point in the story or just to take off the weight of trying to choose the most perfect name.

BUT! I keep seeing the same names in some of these stories
I have seen the name “Blair” used in about so many stories or the same generic guy names.

Any names in stories you have read that seem to always pop up?


Over-used names:
Theo (M)
Any flower name honestly
J names. J names in general for guys.

The last name Salvatore :skull: people don’t stop using it despite everyone (mostly) thinks of TVD immidiently.

No shade to people who wrote characters with these names we just don’t need any more of them from now on

I’ll add names if I think of them but yeah


omg yes I cant stand when the name characters name is related to a flower and then they make some big ordeal that it’s because their mother loves Daisys and so it’s their name. Like noooo it’s such an overused concept

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• Aria
• August
• May
• June
• Scarlett
• Kaiden
• Camille
• Katya
• Aidan
• Aaron
• Dax
• Alex [Both genders]
• Beau
• Elliot
• Leo
• Matteo / Mateo
• Ryder
• Scott
• Zack / Zac / Zach
• Kylie
• Mia
• Ava
• Harper
• Luna
• Skylar / Skyler

I actually can’t stand 98% of the names on that list. :rofl: :joy:
There is undoubtedly way more that I could add… but those are the ones from the top of my head.


Why in the world did reading the name “Ryder” make me twitch! ahhh I can’t stand that one!

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Holden and Carter :skull:


I mean… it’s not the worst of the bunch, but it’s definitely way too overused.

I tend to hate when people name their characters after certain months of the year. [As you can see in my list above.] Those are the ones that annoy me the most. :rofl: :joy:

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Sameeee it’s so annoying! I personally look up foreign names or make them up myself lol

  • Haley
  • Anna/Ana
  • Allison
  • Brody
  • Asher/Ashton
  • Max
  • Summer
  • Winter
  • Jackson
  • Emily
  • Ella
  • Ally
  • Abby
  • Gabrielle/Gabby
  • Sarah
  • Sue
  • Mary
  • Jasmine
  • Yasmine
  • Britney
  • Bella
  • Troy
  • Trey
  • Any common Italian name on Episode because they’re associated with mafia
  • Addie
  • Chase
  • Ryder
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Woo none I’d my characters names are in these lists well Bella but my character is Isabella

c names for guys.

caden. caleb. carter. like dude, there are 26 other letters


Matteo and Rafael, there are so many its starting to make me angry lmaoo


Definitely Luna,
and I see “Cole” a lot but on featured stories/episode officials so maybe that doesn’t count

Maybe Xander/Ryker in mafia stories… (the only Ryker i love is the one from Fairyland lmao a sweetie)

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Oh right, how could I forget!

  • Axel
  • Alex
  • Alexander
  • Brian
  • Byron (though there is one sweet LI on Episode with this name, and I’m okay with it)
  • Kyle
  • Cleo
  • Tina
  • Luna
  • Lia
  • Lola
  • Leon
  • Delilah (somewhat overused to me)
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Well, I guess that’s a fine name. Pretty name, for sure.

Seen a lot of overused names so I like to create my own :slight_smile:


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Damien. This one seems like a popular one for “dark” love interests :sob:


especially in fantasy stories

I totally agree with you! But I feel like a common Italian name will make sense for mafia if the character is Italian or part Italian.

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