Overused and Bad Character Names!

(Not me reading each and every name so I can avoid any little disasters)

(I’m actually proud none of my names are here lmao)

(Wait Nevermind)

(Damn am I basic? :joy:)


No, you’re not basic. :blush:

I’ll be honest… a few people have listed a lot of names that I’ve used too… and I’m sure I’ve listed some of the names that they’ve used.

I’m not sure how you decide what to name your characters when picking what to call each one… but for me, I only choose names that I like. [And of course the name has to suit their face.]
I just can’t bring myself to use ugly names… or names that I hate. Even for the evil characters. :rofl: :joy:

The only time I’d use ugly names… is if the characters sole existence was for comedic purposes.


Completely reasonable :joy: I gave one evil character my ex’s name as a joke but now it’s just habit lol.


I sometimes give less important characters or evil characters boring names. But they’re not what I’d call “ugly names”.

Like I’d never call one of my characters: Keith or Gertrude. :rofl::joy:

My apologies in advance if anyone on the forums is called either of those names. :eyes:


Same! I always try to go for unique and weird names. Always loved mc’s with different names. Like my mc is named Haze. Maybe most people don’t like it but I do ! Lol

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It’s so hard to think of unique names that are still pretty, which is why I refuse to make them up myself… I’d just fail anyway, even if I tried.

Another thing I also refuse to do, is give any of the LI’s a name that already exists in my family.

For example: I love the name: Shane. But I wouldn’t ever use it for one of my characters… because one of my family members is called Shane, so that’d be too weird.

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Completely relatable. I get it. Everyone called my name basic so I stopped even inputting my actual author name into the story lmao :joy::joy: but in all actuality, if a story is good enough, no bad names or coding could really bug me … I’m pretty easy to please.

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I agree, bad names don’t stop me from reading a story if it’s really good. But the name will always bug me. :joy::rofl:

The names that annoy me the most when playing stories are mostly ones beginning with A.

August [Insert Episode’s Shudder Animation Here! :joy::rofl:]

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heyyyy now watch it :joy::joy: I’m just kidding, but yes sadly I’m a basic bitch named abygail. I’ve always hated my name because of how basic it really is.

:joy::rofl: I mean… not all “A” names. Mainly the ones I listed, and probably a few more that I might have forgotten about.

But… I’ve never seen your name being used in an Episode story before. So it’s definitely not overused. :blush:

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MIA!!! The name Mia :woozy_face:

Same with me, or I just name them after a friend/family member. That’s my naming policy for characters :grin:

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I am sick and tired of AXEL! Why would you want to name your character after a car part?


this cracked me up! hah


But what about my character, Transmission? He’s such a hunky bad boi!



Actually, it’s “axle” that’s a car part :joy:


Naurrr ToT

I know someone irl named “axel” lolol

It’s funny tho bcs later on everyone called him by his last name (his last name is so iconic but for privacy i cannot share it)


I actually like the name August… :no_mouth: I think it’s underrated.


I read many stories with male LI named Liam and Hunter

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It’s kinda crazy how many authors have used those two names